Alaine Thompson | UX Designer

Bringing the Detail into the Bigger Picture

Positive. Empathetic. Analytical.
I’m a UX Designer always excited by a good challenge

From film to UX

The story of how an empathetic drive to understand and solve challenging problems led to my calling in life

What People Think About Me

"Alaine has been an incredible asset to the team at Visual Domain. She pursues excellence in every aspect of her role and no challenge is too difficult for her to take on. I’ve been astounded at her capacity to learn new skills and accept more and more responsibility with ease."
"Alaine was a pleasure to work with, and a real team player. Jumping in when needed... and consciously building a team culture where it was ok to ask for advice, bounce ideas around and of course have a laugh. I would work again with Alaine in a heart beat."
"I’m always amazed by Alaine’s ability to find solutions and overcome any obstacle facing her... Alaine quickly became an integral member of our team. She built a reputation of reliability and has a knack for building strong relationships quickly."
“Alaine is a gun—She has skills that simply said, can’t be taught. With the ability to think big while sweating the details she’s great at deep diving into research and equally as good at establishing a solid strategy. I believe she can do pretty much anything."

Case Studies

Captain 7: Design Thinking in Schools

How might we communicate the value of teaching children design thinking skills to teachers and education decision makers?

Role: Lead of the Discover and Define stages of the Double Diamond, as well as the content strategy

Vita: For a Healthier Human Bean

How might we help those seeking to be healthier form new habits in a successful and sustainable way?

Role: UX focusing on research, synthesis, testing and strategy

Readings for Children


How might we translate the in store experince of a beloved retailer to the online world?

Role: UX focusing on research, synthesis, testing and strategy

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