My Story

UX Designer.

Dog Lover.
Tea Crane Maker.*

*miniature cranes made from Nerada tea bag tags

tea crane


I’m a UX Designer. 

I use my empathy to understand people better and help solve their problems. I explore ideas and satisfy my curiosity, always learning, always challenging myself. I make lives easier and help create a positive experience worth coming back to. I’m a UX Designer, but I wasn’t always.

Like many things, it all started with a spark.

From a young age I loved movies. One of my most memorable experiences was watching “The Mummy” for the first time with my family. No, not the “original” 1932 version, the best version, with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz as the dynamic duo of Rick and Evie. I remember being so absorbed, so enthralled in it all that I lost track of time and space. I was there, I was with them. Every blow, every triumph I experienced too. 

I realised the power of great communication.

It doesn’t just express ideas but feelings and experiences too. I wanted to do that. I wanted to share my positive experiences with others.

A Bachelors Degree in Communications and two years in the media industry later, I realised that crafting experiences wasn’t really a part of my job description. In fact what I really loved doing, using empathy to solve problems, analysing details and exploring creative ideas weren’t what I was doing everyday. 

That was when I found User Experience Design.

An art and a science, we use empathy and quantifiable research to understand a problem and then find a solution. We analyse the details, build connections between ideas, come up with many ways to solve a problem, and distill it all down into a single solution. 

And most of all, we tell stories. We craft experiences that tell the story of our user, of the people we talk to, the data we gather and the personas we create. Every choice tells the story of how and why we got there.

So what story will you tell me over a coffee? 


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