Playing the Wrong Game

Words to include: clash, screen, knife

You look in the mirror, you’re a beautiful young woman with cascading brown hair that ripples in waves down from your head. You look good and well put together, amazing considering you were just cooking the whole day, but you finally feel ready to surprise her. You pick up the cake you’ve just finished baking and take a big whiff. She’ll surely love this, all that chocolatey goodness. And you’ve really outdone yourself with this cursive. Never has happy birthday looked so delicious in writing. You pick up the large kitchen knife you want to cut the cake with and walk towards the table where a cake sized hole lays in waiting, amidst the rest of the delicious dinner you’ve set out for her. The door opens and you shout “surprise!” Only to be so surprised yourself that you drop the knife and the cake you’ve been slaving over for the past 2 hours. 

“What is he doing here?! He’s your ex Cherie”.

Do you:

a. Steel yourself and fight for the woman you love 

b. Pack your bags and leave 

c. Wait for the woman you love to love you back 

d. Be a good host and greet your new guest.

Playing the Wrong Game
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