The Truth About Rom-Coms

Words to include: orgy, specimen, food.

“Just have an orgy already!”

The whole cinema went dead silent and shifted their attention from the screen to the random person who seemed to quite clearly be in the wrong film, or have very strange expectations for a rom-com.

Sarah, who was sitting right next to the strange man was so shocked she threw almost all of her food into the air, most of it landing on the people next to her. She started to go bright red as though she had done it, all of the people staring seemed to be staring right at her. She shrunk into her seat and ate as much of the stray popcorn as she could without being gross and eating it off the floor or the seat.

Petunia, the dainty old lady in the back was so afronted she tilted her head back with a very loud “humph” and pointed her nose up so high she couldn’t see the screen anymore. Clearly she wanted to prove she was above such disrespectful nonsense, so much so that the rest of the film looked like a blurry Jackson Pollock painting.

Chris, the bulky and buff man wearing a rather large parka and hood in the corner, who thought he was such a brilliant specimen of a man that no one should ever see him in a film like this, was rather confused by the exclamation. A part of him thought he should like the idea of watching an orgy, that was the manly thing after all, right? But the other part of him, the part that was actually how he felt, was quite afronted by the idea as well. After all, Katie only wanted to find true love. What’s so wrong with that?

Jason, the strange man who everyone wouldn’t stop staring at was rather surprised at how confidently he was handling the fact that he’d actually said something like that in public. You see his best friend who was snickering next to him had dared them to go see this film and then dared him to say that right at the beginning. Jason was more than happy to go with his friend, since he clearly just wanted someone to go see a chick flick with, and he could bag him about it for the rest of his life. He thought yelling that one strange sentence would make the whole experience more fun but he realised it just made everything weird.

Worst of all, he actually quite enjoyed the film and felt bad for mocking such a beautiful notion as finding love. In fact, when Katie finally did find love Jason shed many a tear.

The Truth About Rom-Coms
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